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3 Books That Changed My Life + Business

September 3, 2019

Looking to make a positive change with your online business? Then stay tuned my buttercup because this is an episode you’ll wanna listen to STAT! 💕

Today I’m gonna share the top 3 books that have had the BIGGEST positive impact on both my life AND my business. 😊

And these aren’t just books that are really good or fun to read (although they ARE!) … these are books that created a REAL, TANGIBLE and LASTING impact for my creative biz! 🌟

I’m not gonna lie … I’ve read a LOT of good books in the last couple of years so I’ve managed to narrow it down to just three books that have had the greatest impact on my business and I that I hope will do the same for you! 🌈

Annnd … there may or may not be two other honorable mentions because hey, narrowing down to just three was dang near impossible. 😜

So if you’re looking to make some big positive changes with your creative business, or just life in general, then sit back, grab your coffee and get to listenin’ you lovely creative unicorn! 🎧


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