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40 Ways For You & Your Business to Thrive During the Pandemic

March 24, 2020

So …

At the time of writing this post (March 23rd, 2020), we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of the delightful coronavirus pandemic …yay?

(And if you’re reading this several months or years into the future- you made it!!!)

(No but seriously, haha.)

As with all pandemics, there’s currently a lot of fear and anxiety among people. (I say this as though I’ve been through loads of pandemics which I haven’t, although I HAVE technically been alive through a couple of’em, like the swine flu pandemic back in 2009-2010.)

ANYWAY, with many of us currently being quarantined, practicing “social distancing” or experiencing lots of fear / anxiety (or all of the above!), I thought it would be uplifting to share 40 different ways that both you and your business can THRIVE during the covid-19 pandemic!

Because I believe that to be true 100%.

That YES, you CAN thrive during this crazy time!

(And if you’re reading this post after the fact? Awesome! These things will STILL apply. Just put whatever you want after the “during.”) 😛

Like for instance … “40 Ways For You + Your Business to Thrive During the Off Season” or “40 Ways For You + Your Business to Thrive During the Year” or “40 Ways For You + Your Business to Thrive When You Feel Like Kicking Things Up a Notch!!!”

Get the picture? Good!

Okay! Here they are in no particular order: 40 ways for you and your business to THRIVE during the pandemic …


1. Read the blog post right here to see all the extra resources and photo examples!

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