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The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship (& How to Survive!)

February 26, 2019

Ever find yourself slipping into the dark side? …of entrepreneurship that is! If so, then this episode is for you, my buttercup! 😊

In this episode, I’m gonna shed light on some of the less commonly shared aspects of being an entrepreneur so you can know what to expect if you’re creating an online business of your very own! 💖

I’ll be the first to admit that starting and growing your online business will be one of the most DIFFICULT times of your life … but it will also be one of the most REWARDING! 🎉

And FYI … these tips are NOT meant to dissuade you from starting or growing your own business! 🙅🏻‍♀️ So much of the time, what we see online is everyone else’s highlight reel, so I want to share the less glamorous side of the biz just so you can be SUPER prepared of the obstacles you may face along your entrepreneurial journey! 🌟

As always, stay tuned til’ the end of the episode for your SPECIFIC action step that you can take today to help you DEFEAT the dark side of entrepreneurship so you can get to thriving like the creative bundle of joy that you are! 🌈


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