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Why People Will Buy Something That They Can Find Online For Free

April 18, 2019

Ever find yourself wondering, “Why in the SAM HILL would someone buy my product when they can find it online for free?!”. Then give this episode a listen STAT my bushy-tailed broccoli because I’m sharing 5 reasons why! 😊

So really … why would someone buy a product when the can simply find the info online for free?

This is one of the MOST COMMON questions I get asked! If you’re someone that creates info products (think “how to” guides and courses) then you’ve probably wondered at some point or another why someone would buy your product to begin with...and you aren’t alone! 

I put out a TON of free content … you’re reading/listening to one form of free content right this very second. 😉


But really, I publish a number of 100% free content including podcast episodes, free masterclasses, blog posts and MORE. And guess what? I STILL get plenty of paying students enrolling in my courses. 🙌🏻

And even better ... most of these paying students are people who have consumed LOADS of my free content and keep coming back for more! 🌈

These 5 reasons will give you some clarity and insight into why people not only need the product you have to offer but will gladly pay for it rather than finding it for free somewhere else. 💖

Don’t forget to stay tuned until the very end of this episode for the SPECIFIC action step that you can take right now to have people lining down the block to get their hands on your AMAZING product! 🎉

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