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How to Cure Perfectionism

August 6, 2019

Are you a self-proclaimed perfectionist? Then get ready for an episode that’s gonna blow your mind because I’m gonna share how you can STOP letting perfectionism hold you back! 🤯

That’s right, I said it. Perfectionism can actually prevent you from making a BIGGER impact with your biz!

Speaking as a recovering perfectionist, I know a thing or two about perfectionism getting in the way of your online business success.

I used to PRIDE myself on being a perfectionist … until I realized that this mindset was actually holding me back. 😱

I was using my perfectionism as an EXCUSE for why I should put off [insert scary thing here] for just a little bit longer. And let me tell ya … I wasn’t doing myself any favors with that mentality!

Once I kicked perfectionism to the curb, I was able to grow FASTER, help MORE people and ultimately make a MUCH bigger impact with my online biz 💪🏻

So if you’re trying to overcome perfectionism in order to keep your business moving forward then give this episode a listen! 🌟


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