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How to Know What to Do Next In Your Biz (Intuition VS Strategy)

March 17, 2020

Have you ever just felt STUCK in your business?

Or maybe you just have SO many different options that you could pursue, you’ve got no clue which direction to go?

Maybe you find yourself thinking things like …

“Where do I FOCUS? I don’t know which brilliant idea is the one that I should be dedicating most of my time to!”

“I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know what to tackle or learn first!”

“I don’t know where to start and the right order of things to do!”

Well, if this is you, then you’re in luck my buttercup! Because today, we're chatting about how the heck I ALWAYS know what to do next in my business, and how YOU can too. 😊

There are SO many things you could choose to focus on in your biz, and the struggle is REAL with deciding on where + what to focus on next.

(I know, I've been there!)

This obstacle of not knowing what direction to go in can be a bit of a hindrance.

Am I Right?!

As a business owner whose making decisions DAILY, you need to be able to make these decisions quickly & CONFIDENTLY to avoid wasting LOADS of time.

So if you'd like to gain confidence in knowing what to do next in your biz (and escape that whole stand still phase), then this episode is for YOU, my confident, kick butt business owner!


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