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How To Turn a Tiny Audience Into BIG Results

April 21, 2020

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Do you have a TINY audience and struggle with "working with what you've got" to create BIG results?

Well, here's the thing, BIG numbers don't matter if you aren't engaging your audience and connecting with the right people! 

Now more than ever, during this crazy pandemic of a time is actually the BEST time to start growing & building your audience!

Most everyone is on the internet looking for tools, advice, and most importantly, connections for building their own skills & businesses right now (hint hint, this is where you come in).

So, if you are interested in maybe, I dunno ... making more sales with a smaalll audience then take a listen, my buttercup!


Um ... I have a super awesome free gift for you today that I'm pee-your-pants excited to share with you!

Because if you’re like most right now, then you’ve probably got some extra time on your hands! Right?

Heck, you may even be spending some of this extra time working ON your business, not just running around like a chicken with your head cut off working IN your business. 😊

And if you’re interested in getting your business off the ground ASAP, then today’s free gift is for you!

Because the question is ...

How the SAM HILL are you supposed to make sales ...

… When you don’t even have an audience to sell to? 😂

And what’s even WORSE: If you think you need a “BIG audience” before you can start selling. I mean ... how much longer can you really sustain working for free in your business?

But here’s the truth: RIGHT NOW- more than any time in the history of online business- is the BEST TIME to start growing your list and building an audience!


  • More people are PAYING attention
  • More people are LOOKING to the internet
  • More people are focused on learning, growing and changing

And guess what?! They need YOU! 😊

NOW'S the time to leverage this opportunity before it passes you by.

So hold onto your butt because ... what if I told you that all you needed to FINALLY get started was your FIRST 100 email subscribers?

Yeah that's right ... all it takes is attracting 100 of the RIGHT people to get your online business off the ground and running! 🎉

Because holding onto vague goals and waiting for the "perfect time" WON'T help you,

Wanna know what WILL help?

Having a step-by-step plan for attracting your FIRST 100 email subscribers so that you can actually make your first SALE! And lucky for you, that's exactly what my good friend James Wedmore teaches in his BRAND NEW (and FREE) 14-Video mini course: Your First 100 Leads!

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Because his content is TOP NOTCH and I’ve been in his circle for YEARS now (I even hired him as my high level business coach a couple years ago!) Plus, he's just an all around AMAZING human that knows what the heck he’s talking about.

... and right now, he’s giving away this $197 course FOR ZERO DOLLARS and is letting me share this gift with YOU.

Inside this training, you’ll discover why “traditional list-building” strategies DON’T WORK (and just leave you spending months creating a bunch of free content that no one ever sees!)

OR worse, attracts leads that never invest with YOU.


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I'm legit SUPER excited for you to dive in.


Because I know of the enormous impact that it can have for you! 😊

So go dive in right here, my beautiful butt-kicking buttercup!


1. James Wedmore's FREE 14-video mini course to get your first 100 leads! Grab it for free by clicking right here.


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