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How (& WHY) to Hire Your First Personal Assistant in 6 Simple Steps

October 22, 2019

Today I wanna talk about HOW (and WHY) you need to hire your first personal assistant ASAP.

And if you’re currently thinking to yourself,  "But ... I’m not ready to make my first hire juuuust yet!" or "I can't afford to outsource anything yet!" then please ... stick around.

Humor me! 😛

Because THOSE are the exact type of thoughts that I myself had for MANY years and they majorly stunted the growth of my business AND they kept me feeling SUPER OVERWHELMED.

(Which is a real bad combo, just incase you were wondering!)

In fact ... I put off hiring for YEARS.

I worked as a solopreneur in 2 different businesses for almost a DECADE before I officially hired any help.

And if I could go back and rewind time, you can bet your brightly colored buttons that I would NOT have made the huge mistake of waiting to hire help! 

Let me put it this way ...

If you can't afford to hire any help right now, I'd venture to say that the REASON you can't afford to hire any help is BECAUSE you haven't hired any help.


Because you're stuck in the busy work. You're spread too thin. You don't have the time and energy to focus enough on the important revenue-generating tasks in your business.

But that's okay, because there's a remedy for that! 😉

(And trust me, this remedy is LIFE CHANGING.)


If you're ready to feel LESS overwhelmed, to feel more inspired + joy in your everyday work and to grow your business like heck fire, then give this episode a listen because I share how you can EASILY hire your first personal assistant in 6 simple steps.

Yes, even if you think you can't afford it right now.

Yes, even if you think that you're "not ready."

Yes, even if you think that "only YOU can do everything the right way in your biz." (That was totally me!)

Yes, even if you think you don't have time to hire someone. 

Ready or not, let's do this! 😊

💖 👉🏻 Lovely Links Mentioned in this Episode 👈🏻 💖

1. You can use Snaggit to easily record video tutorials for your personal assistant.
2. Check out Process Street for creating workflows that you can easily hand off to your personal assistant.
3. Hire someone from the Philippines for just a few bucks an hour over at online Jobs PH.
3. And go listen to Episode #35 in order to get clear on what the revenue generating activities are in your business!