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15 Woo-Woo Rituals That Improve My Life + Business

March 10, 2020

Finally sharing the woo-woo stuff with you, my lovely listener! I started getting lost deep in the 'woo-woo rabbit hole" back in 2017 and it has had such a positive impact on my life + business the past couple of years! I can't wait to share these rituals with you and see how they improve 

My love for all the woo-woo stuff started back in 2017. My FABULOUS business coach gave me the greatest advice EVER about how inner work needs to be the number one priority in life + business to see the results you are REALLY looking for.

And … me being the teachers pet I am took it to the next level, and really dove deep into all the inner stuff I had ignored for so long. 2 Years, and some change later, here I am talking to YOU about how all of this woo-woo stuff can change your life + business too!

By the way, when I say woo-woo, I mean the more spiritual stuff … inner work stuff … metaphysical, even more “new age” as you could call it.

Over the last 2 years I’ve dove deep down into the woo-woo rabbit hole and I’ve fallen so in love with applying these rituals to my daily life that I can’t hold back any longer! Today is the day I share the GOOD STUFF with you too, my buttercup.

So, If you wanna hear about some of my woo-woo rituals, then stay tuned!


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