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How I Stopped 20 Years Worth of Chronic Anxiety

February 12, 2019

If you’re currently in a place where you’re struggling with chronic anxiety and just feeling "UGHHH!!" all the time, then this episode is for you my buttercup! 😊

In this episode, I’m gonna share how I stopped 20 YEARS worth of chronic anxiety to become a much more calm, present and happy person, which of course, has POSITIVELY impacted my business! 🎉

Chronic anxiety is something I’ve dealt with since the age of 15. Seriously … I was a hot mess and it was taking control of my mind AND my life.

But in 2016, I decided I wasn’t going to let it control my life anymore! Over the course of a few months, I was able to implement a SPECIFIC set of things that led me on a journey of PERMANENTLY ending my chronic anxiety. 🌈

Now, I feel like a COMPLETELY different person! 🙌🏻 Calm is my natural state and I have a much clearer mind. So if you’re struggling daily to deal with obsessive thoughts of anxiety, I’m here to tell you that it’s COMPLETELY possible to get to the other side, even if it takes 20 years (like it did for me!). 💖

So, if you’re in a place where you could use some more calmness to your day, then stay tuned until the end for the two action steps that you can take in 15 minutes or LESS to help ease those anxious thoughts.

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