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How (& Why) to Detach From Your Goals So You Can Reach Them Faster

February 25, 2020

Let’s get REAL for a moment, shall we?! How many times has someone told you that goal setting is KEY for a successful business? If I were to guess … probably everyone you come into contact with is telling you this EXACT piece of advice (Including me).

Now, don’t get me wrong! I advocate strongly for goal setting!

But, I have realized that this is a step a lot of entrepreneurs get STUCK on. Goal setting, goal planning, etc. it’s all something you should absolutely be doing but what happens next?! 😳

Today, we’re chatting about the TWO steps that have allowed me to detach from my goals to see ACTUAL SUCCESS in my business much faster than I ever could’ve imagined.

Because I’ve seen real life success with these steps in my OWN business, I know they will be a game changer for your business too!


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